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Tanya Block Roussin

Owner of Smart Virtual Solution

Tech Savvy | Business Smart

Taming Technology Shouldn't Be a Battle

While technology aims to streamline our tasks, integrating and optimizing it can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. Especially when you're trying to get multiple tools to synchronize seamlessly—it can quickly become a formidable challenge.

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Solutions

You might find yourself lost in a sea of Google searches or endlessly streaming YouTube tutorials, burning through your valuable time without finding the answers you need. It's not just frustrating; it's counterproductive.

Take Control with a Power Hour

Instead of circling back to the same unresolved issues, why not book a Power Hour with me? We'll connect via Zoom, share screens, and tackle those tech troubles directly. Whether it's one persistent problem or a list of tech nuisances, we'll address them head-on.

Your Tech Ally on Call

No issue is too small or complex. If I don't have the immediate answer, I’ll swiftly dig through the details and technicalities to find it for you—saving you hours of frustration and confusion. Let’s cut through the tech tangle together, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Simplify Your Tech Troubles with One Easy Session

No Hassles, Just Solutions: Experience the Easiest Way to Tackle Tech Issues

Book Your Session

Start by choosing a time that fits your schedule. Our simple booking process ensures you can secure your Power Hour effortlessly. Just pre-pay to confirm your session, pick your time on the calendar, and you’re set for a transformative tech consultation. A brief questionnaire will help us prepare specifically for your tech needs, making every minute count.


Connect with me on a Zoom call at your scheduled time. This live session allows us to share screens and dive deep into your tech issues. Whether it's troubleshooting, strategy, or learning new tools, we'll tackle it together. You’ll receive expert guidance tailored to your queries and circumstances, ensuring we focus on what matters most to you.


By the end of our session, you’ll have clear solutions and actionable advice to move forward. I’ll provide a recording of our call for your reference, so you can revisit the solutions anytime. If issues require further attention, we'll outline the next steps, ensuring you have continuous support. Walk away with more than just fixes—gain confidence and knowledge to handle future tech challenges.

Don’t let tech troubles slow you down any longer. Book your Power Hour today and start transforming those tech challenges into victories. With personalized guidance and expert solutions just a click away, you're steps away from tech clarity and confidence.

Real Success Stories From Happy Clients

See How Others Have Transformed Their Tech Troubles into Triumphs


Martin B.

Tanya’s suggestions and advice are so helpful for those of us who are just getting started! She’s had such a wide range of experiences that she can relate to so many issues! Just awesome!!


Kelly L.

Tanya is the one you want in your corner if you need some help with your tech. She helped me troubleshoot issues I was having with my Go High Level automations. I felt very confident in her expertise and now I have someone to lean on for my GHL needs!


Pat R.

Bravo to Tanya for her excellent work and her tech-savvy mindset. She is highly skilled in various technology sectors, especially with those online tools that can promote a company's business. As a big plus, Tanya is very patient with people who are not so tech-savvy and need her assistance. Rather than being judgmental, Tanya is extremely helpful. I highly recommend her services!


Holly M.

Tanya is knowledgeable, friendly, tech savvy and has great website suggestions. Recently she helped me with some of my website placements and understanding the goals of landing pages verses blogs. I am super grateful to have had her guidance on things that have kept me "stuck" in my head in how to move my business forward and have my website work for me! Thank you Tanya!


Michael G

Tanya is knowledgeable, friendly, tech savvy and has great website suggestions. Recently she helped me with some of my website placements and understanding the goals of landing pages verses blogs. I am super grateful to have had her guidance on things that have kept me "stuck" in my head in how to move my business forward and have my website work for me! Thank you Tanya!


Ann N.

Tanya is a great resource. Helped me when I hadn't a clue! Was able to explain things and make it easy. She's ready, willing and able!

Ready for Results? Secure Your Power Hour Today

Capitalize on the success stories you’ve just read. Whether you’re dealing with unresolved tech issues or looking for ways to optimize your systems, our Power Hour is the solution. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your tech challenges into success stories.

Examples of Problems Solved

Technology Tool Optimization

A client was starting her new Coaching business. She had been a Virtual Assistant for a few years, so she knew the value of optimizing her new business from the beginning. We discussed her short and long-term goals, how she wanted to work with clients, and some functionality that she wanted to have set-up and streamlined. I set her up with the Smart Virtual Solution system, which created her website, landing pages, freebie sign-up funnel, meeting booking links, automated reminders, and more. She can grow into this system by offering group webinars, selling virtual courses, offering products, and more!

Rebranding Link Problems

A client had recently rebranded their business with a new name and new domain. Their current website would work for their new branding with a few tweaks to content. The client couldn't figure out how to add the new domain name to the current website. She spent hours searching for an answer with her domain provider, her website hosting platform and Google, with no resolution. During our call, I showed her how to redirect the new domain to the current website in less than 5 minutes. We then discussed how to set up an email address with her new domain name. Once those had been resolved, she remembered she had other questions, so we discussed social media schedulers and other potential tools to make her life a bit easier.

Email Updates

In 2023, a nonprofit reached out to me following Google and Yahoo's updates that impacted email deliverability. During our initial discussion, we identified that their existing tools lacked certain functionalities critical for their operations. To address this, I transitioned them to the Smart Virtual Solution/GoHighLevel system, tailoring it to meet their needs and ensuring compliance with the new email standards. Within just two weeks of using the new setup, their email deliverability scores, along with open and click rates, significantly improved. Most notably, they began receiving responses from contacts they hadn’t heard from in years, re-establishing lost connections that were previously hindered by inadequate email services.

End Your Tech Struggles Today

Smart Virtual Solution partners with service businesses to fuse together their operations by implementing, simplifying and managing the virtual technologies they need to thrive.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Websites, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels

  • Calendar Links - Branded Reminders & Client Communications

  • Google Business Services

  • Business Operations

  • Automations

  • Relationship Management

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